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Why does Samsung Galaxy S7 freeze a lot?


I have a problem in my samsung s7 and it has been about 6 days my phone is freezing a lot

I thought first it is happening because the phone memory is full, so I moved about 9gb to my laptop.

Then i download mastercleaner and antivirus but still the same thing is happening!

What happens is suddenly the screen freezes and nothing work in touch screen or in buttons

So I restart it by pressing restart button+ volume button

I want to know whats the problem and how to solve it, because I have this phone like 5 months ago and im very upset that this is happening about 5 times a day! 😣

Please help :(

Hi Rana. Do you have a lot of apps running? Try to force stop all of them and/or uninstall some. It might just be one app causing the problem. Also, do you have an SD card in your phone? Remove it and observe if performance improves.

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