How to set alert tones on the Samsung S380C?

new samsung s380c. can't get alert tones for email or text.

These people answered this question and did not read the problem... the !%%# phone does not make sounds when text messages come in, trust me before you respond again with the instructions, yea we know all the ways to setup the tones to sound when a message comes in, the phone has an error in the program don't buy this piece of crap!!! I've called straighttalk and got the typical Indian voice telling me to reset the phone, scratch my head and pet my cat... 5 hours on the phone with their tech "geniuses"... This is walmart... killing local stores, selling the cheapest crap they can and offering crappt (if any) customer support... As I was typing this I was still on hold with straight talk to talk to a supervisor... He's probably out feeding his camel... sorry that was uncalled for... Ok he is probably sitting their watching reruns of glee while his phone is rining "s!@#$% Americans"... don't buy this phone.. Samsung your programmers suck and you are passing of hundereds of thousands of defective phones saying "oh thay model doesn't do that... bs!!! Your hiding the fact you ROM was burned with a critical error in the code...

Have tried all the solutions mentioned and nothing works. I would not recommend this phone to anyone who does a lot of texting.

Actually there is a message alert setting with a number of options.

From the main screen go to MESSAGES> click OK and scroll down to number 7: MSG SETTINGS> press OK and select number 1: GENERAL> click OK and scroll down to number 6: MESSAGE ALERTS> click OK and select the option you wish (once, every 2 minutes, every 15 minutes, off). If set to OFF you will get the message icon on the home page but no alert.

From the SETTINGS menu, you can select what ringtone you wish for message alerts.

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Hope it helps..

Tried this. Many times. It doesn't work. And from comments I've read around the web... a lot of people are having the same problem. In fact.. I contacted Straight talk about this (it's one of their phones) and they told me this phone, in fact, does not offer alerts for texts/SMS/MMS or voicemail. But I have seen a manual page that begs to differ .. so??

1. In standby mode, press Menu ➔ My Folder ➔ My Ringtones ➔ Ringtones. The My Ringtones window displays.
2. You can record new sounds OR use the Navigation key to highlight a preloaded ringtone.
3. Press the Set As soft key to assign the highlighted ringtone. The following options appear in the display: Ringtone, Contact ID and Alert Tone.

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