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Samsung Galaxy S20FE drops SD Card

Hello I have 2 Samsung galaxy S20 FE phones that have exactly same issues. The phones are different (one white and one blue) but both purchased from same store at the same time. At least once a day each phone stops recognizing SD Cards inside it. No error messages displayed. The only way I know by seeing some apps that installed on SD card showing grey wired icons. The only way to fix the issue is to reboot the phone. The SD cards in both phone are Sandisk 256mb cards. One is brand new and one is one year old that I moved from my old Galaxy s9. When I remove the cards and try to copy files on them from and to computer via laptop card reader I have no issues with the cards. I tried to replace card trays in both phones and reset the phone to factory settings but it did not resolve the issue. After I restored all my applications from backups the issue came back on both phones. I'm not sure what can be the issue, may be software. Maybe anti spyware programs like MCafee detects something dangerous on the SD cards and disconnects them ? Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Paul

Hi Paul. Can you check MCafee's log if it's blocking anything? I suggest backing up your files to a computer or cloud storage then reformat the SD card and see if the problem still happens.

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