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Is there anyway to fix the screen of Samsung Galaxy A5 after getting wet?

I have a Samsung Galaxy A5. It was recently bought a few days ago, and it was damaged on the same day (yes. It is my fault.) It's been under running water/kind of submerged I guess? It touched water when my two SIM and memory slots are out, so maybe the water seeped in through that. It has been turned on. I can't take it apart since the battery is built in. It's in rice right now (this happened on Saturday, a few days ago). It works - if you plug it in, it vibrates, and when there was battery, the back and menu buttons lit up when you press the ON/OFF button. But the screen doesn't display anything. Are there any possible ways to fix this at home? It's still in rice, but the screen isn't working. If not, do I have to take it to a store? How much would it cost?

You should have not turned on your phone right away after you got it wet. Just let it stay in rice for a few more days to make sure all moisture is absorbed. Contact Samsung directly or the store you purchased your phone from to find out how much it will cost you to get your phone repaired.

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