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Do Samsung phones have bad reception?

I just picked up a Samsung A660 from Bell for use in Alberta. I am in a major city but I rarely see more than two bars for signal strength. Is this normal? I've seen others with LG's with five bars so I don't know if this is just becuase it's a different phone, or if it is because the Samsung has worse reception. Any advice would be appreciated. :?:

Actually, the 660 has 4 bars for signal strength, depending on your area. What city are you in? Every provider has its "dead zones" or network soft spots, so if you have two bars that may just be the coverage you get in your area. The 660 has had various issues (reception, ear piece clarity) so it still could also be that there phone is screwy. Best to investigate your options and do some research first.

well...i dont usually see a LG at very high bars but i heard samsung was suspose to be better and im picking one up in a month

the samsung has a possibility of 3 bars... not 5 like an LG..

generally a 2/3 is what you are going to get.. like most cell phones i've experienced : its never 100%

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