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How can you download games and ringtones for the Samsung a600 through a USB cable?

please .. can anyone help me.. i bout usb cable for samsung a600 and i can't do nothing except chaange my phone book .. can someone tell me how to download games and ringtones through USB

Games on a cell phone. Isn't that crazy what we can do now?

Play games

Now we can play Skee-Ball on our phones. What??!!

Control our Tivos

Never again will you have a "Crap! I forgot to tell Tivo to record Boondocks" moment. Now, you can remotely tell your best buddy Tivo, with your cell phone, to record your cartoons. Does life get any better?

Get Myspace alerts

Get alerts from Myspace to let us know when we have new bulletins, messages, friend requests and comments. We can pick and choose which alerts you would like to receive!

Get lost, and then find our way again

Google Local For Mobile will get you where you need to go, whether you are walking or driving. I know. I have used it. (I get lost a lot.)

Watch TV

Ideally not while driving. There are a ton of services that will bring mobile TV content to your cell phone, but the coolest way, by far, is with a Slingbox. This little device will take your TV program and "sling" it all the way to your Windows Mobile phone, no matter where you are, as long as you have a data connection. Watch a demonstration here.

Go on a scavenger hunt

Socialight is cool. I wish more people would use it. It works like this: You leave a "sticky shadow" in an area about town. Let's say you are visiting New York. You know a lot of people who live in New York, or who travel there periodically. You have just had dinner at the most amazing restaraunt, and you want everyone to know about it. Post a sticky shadow! This way, when anyone who has signed up for Socialight wanders by, they will know that Mario's Pizza on 22nd is the best in the city. They will know because Socialight will send a text message to his or her phone when they are in the area.

Oh yes, there are organized scavenger hunts too. Check out to find out more.

Browse the web

Surf the net and check your email with web browsers for your regular (not smart phone) cell phone. Check out Opera Mini, and Google Mobile. These browsers shrink the content down to main content to save you space, bandwidth and money.

Yahoo Mobile

Yahoo Mobile does just about everything you could imagine. It delivers your RSS news feeds, mail, news and stock alerts; it backs up your phonebook contacts; it relays your Yahoo instant messages; it will load your photos to your yahoo photo album. Yahoo Mobile is invaluable.

Track your fitness progress and goals

Bones in Motion, of Austin, TX and Sprint have developed together a real-time application that will track distance, speed and calories burned with a Sprint GPS cell phone. It will help you create running and walking routes, and load your progress instantly to your very own fitness blog.

Listen to Music

Yes, this is old news, but it's still pretty cool that you can port a play list on your phone when you don't feel like lugging your 60 gig iPod with video around town with you. Sometimes you really only have space in your purse/pocket for one gadget. You need a phone that can play MP3's, of course. If you really haven't heard you can do this, and you want to, send me an email and I'll point you in the right direction.

Oh yeah! You can still make and receive phone calls! That's the best part.

Unless you have Cingular. Then you can check your email and surf the net, but don't try to make a phone call or get a text message. :)

I believe u can download this program here: and change ringtones, screensaver etc... I never used this program and got this link from another board so I don,t know if it actually works with Samsung phones. I'm not even sure if that,s the right program, I know there's one they have that allows you to transfer ringtones onto your phone but that may be the wrong link.

yes u need to update the data on ur cellphone. look for any websites having it (best chances on samsung website)

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