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Can you add new language for S-Pen of the Samsung Galaxy and Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

I would like to buy a Galaxy Note 8 and a Galaxy Note 2 both with the S-Pen. But I live as German expat in Thailand and I would need as S-Pen language English and German but not English and Thai. They told me in the shop here in Thailand that I can download German as additional language for the keyboard but there is no way to change the installed S-Pen language. So in the end that means for me that I would have to fly to Germany to buy those Samsung products there because for the S-Pen no additional language can be added if not installed already by Samsung.

Is it really like this? Somehow I cannot believe it to be honest.

Add additional dictionaries.  Highlight a word. Menu pops up. Choose dictionary. Add dictionaries from that menu. This will add other languages to SPen.

Hi Peter. I did a little research and found other users that have the same problem. One user has already contacted Samsung support for two countries but both informed him that it is not possible to add other languages than those already installed when you buy the phone.

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