Is using the Palm Zire 72 to access the internet and receive e-mail feasible and better than trying to do it on the Motorola SLVR L2’s little screen?

Hi, I found the forum via google.

I am in the market for a 2nd phone for myself, exclusively... My family, mainly my wife and daughter will use the Bell pre-paid that I have had for years ($10/mo. [grandfathered] plan, which actually gets $15.00 of airtime... which we hardly ever use up!)

I have a Palm Zire 72 and am looking to get a Rogers plan for $18/mo. [I have a discount due to the # of services I have with Rogers] + access to the $3/mo. data service with a 3 yr. L2 agreement for $59... The L2 has Bluetooth that I am told I can use to access the browser on my Zire and the e-mail client on it as well.

I have a Wifi card as well on the Zire and can use it without the phone where I find access. Having the phone w/ a data link is a great occasional option for me when I am on the road, which is becoming a bit more frequent and likely will slowly [?!] increase over the next few years.

I've planned to get rid of my 2nd landline that I use for my private office-at-home line and put cable internet in the home office instead of dial-up. The monthly cost of $20 cable internet and $28 for the wireless phone is only a bit more money and offers me much greater phone mobility and remote internet/e-mail access and higher speed online! With my biz growing to include more seminars and speaking engagements away from my office, it seems like the thing to do...

What do you think of my ideas for how do to this: feasible, economical? Other better ways? Is using the Zire to access the net and receive e-mail feasible and better than trying to do it on the phone's little screen?

It's good to find this forum, & I'm looking forward to participating and hearing back from you guys...


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