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Where can you download ringtones for Telus phones?

Anyone know where I can download Telus ringtones besides the actual Telus site or the muchmusic site. The choices are so bland someone PLEASE help me.

    Telus ringtones can be found at or you can do a google search and there are many options available for Telus phones.

    i found this and am very impressed...I never thought the doors would put out a ringtone but they sure did and i think it's pretty to say the least :)

    here is the link if there is any other doors fans out there.

    cheers guys:tongue:

    Canada definately is a bit behind the people in Europe when it comes to phones and content but hey...we invented basketball and rule at hockey so it should be too hard for us to figure ouit right? There are free programs to convert your audio files into ringtone formats (.amr .mmf. .mp3, etc) and then just set up your own wapsite which is learning to skate on the pond!

    It took me 45 minutes to download and figure out how to download the ringtone conversion software (free) and then convert my music and my girlfriends music into a ringtone format. I admit it is not easy to get the wapsite running but in the end it didn't take more than two days of learnin' and thinkin'

    You can get our free pictures and our own original music and mixes at

    Happy New Year from Montreal

    no kidding, north america is in the dark ages when it comes to this....just came back from overseas....u can make your own songs and load them, pick up ringtones from any site in the world, and buy any phone u like and pop your own chip in it which has your phone book and settings kept. the phones here suck

    Like I said,BESIDES the Telus and MUCHMUSIC site.

    But they have the exact same music x.x

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