Is replacing my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with insurance cheaper than upgrading to Samsung Galaxy S8?

I have just recently cracked my galaxy s7 edge and i have insurance but i was wondering if ugrading early to a galaxy s8 and the early upgrade fee is cheaper or just as expensive as replaceing my phone with my insurance 

Unfortunately, the only real way to know is to get in touch with Sprint and compare the exact numbers for each scenario.

But keep in mind, there's more than just costs to consider.

  • You'll want to see if you're getting a refurbished phone as well. If so, the warranty on it (and the resale value) is likely to be lower than what you'll get with the S8.
  • There's also the experience. Were you happy with the S7 Edge before it broke? Does the S8 have any 'must-have' upgrades?

There's also a middle-ground option... you could see what used phones are available for a similar price to your insurance plan. Depending on prices, you might find an option you like and get a better warranty in the process.

Of course, that depends on who you buy your phone from.

Once you've bought the used phone, you could ditch your carrier insurance and use someone like SquareTrade for a small one-time fee and pocket the savings toward your next upgrade.

Whichever route you choose, we hope you find something that keeps you connected :)

Hi Jesse. It's best to check both options. Contact the insurance company and Sprint to know which is more expensive.

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