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Does the Cat S50 have a replaceable battery?

Hello. We want to buy 5 phones cat s50 . I am interested - can replace the battery in service or not ?

My apologies. Jukka is correct. Battery is not removable on the CAT S50. It is best to take the phone to an authorized service center if you need battery replacement.

Jukka Muhonen
Jukka Muhonen

Battery cannot be changed by yourself, there doesnt come any tools to open phone. And opening would remove warranty.

I believe a battery removal tool is included (please correct me if I'm wrong). Yeah, you're right, it is best for you to avoid messing with it.


I don't think you can. Might be able to with some special tools but there's no easy way to open the case. Also I would be careful messing with it as it's waterproof.

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