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Where can you get free ringtones for the Siemens CF62?

How do i get a free "regular ringtone" for my Siemens CF62?



LOL- I know what you mean- and the fact that most of the time you can't even hear it and when you do everyone around you looks at you funny cause the songs are absolutely ridiculous!!! I'm trying to figure out how to download a normal tune for mine as well, good luck- let me know!!!

Yes, the ones that go, "Ringgggggg...........Ringgggggggg...........Rinngggggggggg....."
and so on.

Like you see in old movies. Like the ones I grew up with. Cannot stand these melodious tones. Annoying.

what do you mean "regular ringtone"?? Polyphonic (those nice melodious ones..) or mono..the old one tone stuff?

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