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Regarding Telus $50 plan and "10 Favorite Numbers"?

I have- so far about 5 people on my list, and 200 free minutes of calling. Now, my question is that if I call any of those 5 people at any time of the day, despite my free minutes, will the call be absolutely unlimited? I'm making sure because I don't want anything extra to come up on my bill.

This is quite funny because I have just noticed that Telus have charged me for every Long-distance calls when I call my Girlfriend which lives in Toronto (I'm in Montreal). They're about to see me leave..

You are only allowed to include Canadian numbers in your 10 favourite numbers. As long as they're in Canada when you make the call, all calls to them should be unlimited. Only if they go outside of the country will you be charged for long distance calls.

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