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Why won't auto start apps work properly in Xiaomi Redmi 1S?

Redmi 1s auto start apps can not work properlyyy why?


i am using xiomi redmi 1s,
below are the apps does not stats automatically:
1. facebook
2.whats app
3. hike
4. true caller.
- I have verified that all the apps have full permissions. also in the settings all those are set to start automatically. but still those are not starting automatically.

to overcome this issue i always need to keep them start as minimized.
if i clear the RAM i did not receive any whats app msg until i manually start it.
same for other apps as well i did not receive any notification.

i have also tried to reinstall those apps but still have same issue.
Please help me for that.

Thanks in advance.

Not work properly in what way? Are you getting any error or something? Please provide more info, would love to help.

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