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Leith Curtis

Reactivating my Telus account

My friend apparently got my account frozen due to frauding it , not intentially , his girlfriend n him had a fight she called in her bank card stolen on him , after giving me 100$ worth of minutes on it.  Plus I had no I.D, forever so until recently I couldn’t even pay you guys back for that.  Really had a longtime great history with you guys tho, my name is Leith Curtis.  May have been in your system under lexy Curtis but pretty sure it’s under my name leith.  I have I. D. Now, finally , so please may I pay you guys back that $100 and reactivate my account please n thank you? I’m usually a customer of yours in parkland mall in red deer Telus store. I have bought insane numerous phones and used many many monthly prepaid plan s, usually $60 plus, and you guys were great, please please can you email me back with specific s at 

Linda  Coles-Mailloux
Linda  Coles-Mailloux
Linda Coles-Mailloux

Please reactivate my cell # ‭(***) ***-****‬ I have returned from the USA & will need my previous service plan reactivated asap . 

Sincerely Linda Coles-Mailloux

Ref ;My husband Brian Mailloux cell # *** *** **** 

Hi Leith. The Informr is not affiliated to Telus. Please directly contact Telus to reactivate your account immediately. Have you tried their self serve? Visit their website and login to your account. Hope that helps! 

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