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Question From A Journalist

I am writing a story for The Globe and Mail giving advice on how travellers can use their cellphone easily and cheaply while outside Canada.

I'm looking for tips and advice from people who travel frequently to the U.S. or points around the world. Also would like to hear horror stories from people who paid more than they expected or found using a cellphone while away wasn't as simple as expected.

Please let me know any tricks you use. Are you limited in using your phone at certain destinations because Bell does not have a GSM service? Do you have one phone for Canada or North America and one for rest of world or one for all. Do you use different SIM cards for each country visited? Do you have ways to beat high roaming and long-distance fees in the U.S. or elsewhere? Do you use text messaging to cut costs? Do you ever rent phones out of the country? What do you do in Japan or Korea which use a different technology from North America or Europe?

Any and all suggestions or anecdotes appreciated.

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