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What to do if Panasonic Eluga S have a problem with SIM 1 slot?

Hi, I have a Panasonic Eluga S. Just brought it yesterday & it's giving me an error for sim 1 slot not active every-time. I'e tried swapping the sims but with same result. Please help?

my eluga z also showing prblm in sim slots,but but other preiad GSM it is working ,dont know what to do

Its a waste of time and waste of money in panasonic android phones....

sim 1 slot not working

Answer this question...sim 1 slot working please repair my Panasonic Eulga s

s md ali basha
s md ali basha

i m also having same problem .... first time it is repaid in service center ... again i got a same from .........................................this is my first and last purchase protect in panasonic............. don't buy Panasonic protects

Suranjan dash
Suranjan dash

Guys I have a some problem ..both of the sim is not working properly.

how to open the slot to enter the sim cards...???

Sim slot 2 is 2g they r bullshitting wit the customers

Try inserting a new sim. Mine worked after i exchanged my old sim for a new one and inserted it. Its a flawless phone *thumbs up*

That really looks like a defective unit, I suggest taking it back to the store where you bought it and request for a replacement.

Hi All,

My Panasonic Eluga the battery does not last more than an hour, also the phone gets too hot to touch at time, taken to the repair center, says it now works fine, come back again the problem remains the same,

Can't they replace it with a new phone, my phone is not even a month old, are there no replacement or refund policies in Panasonic.

guyzz same problem yrr
sim slot 1 not working...
i cant able to use 3G... plze update sim slot 2 in 3G mode yrr

I have Panasonic eluga s
But I got problem related to sim no.1

Guys I'm also having the same problem. Anyone got a solution?

How to open the SIM slot in Eluga S?
How to open the SIM slot in Eluga S?

How to open the SIM slot in Panasonic Eluga S?

AFAIK, SIM slot 1 supports 3G while SIM slot 2 only supports 2G.

friends on the phone box it shows dual sim(3G+2G). I inserted 2G sim in 2nd slot it is working but first slot is not working with 2G sim so try to insert 3G sim I think it may wirks. just try if u have 3G sim

Iam also having the same problem. What should I do. please help me friends

Hmm.. That sucks. Looks like that part of the phone is pretty weak. Well, what about just using SIM card slot 2?

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