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Khvicha Korashvili

What can I do with network problem on my Dell Aero?

hello, i`ve just purchuased New FActory Unlocked Dell aero on, when i put the sim card, the phone can see it but can`t connect to the network or connects for little time, what can be done, please, advice something

Me too faced same problem, i took to dell authorised service centre. they told that its problem with phone, they gave me new phone ,,but after 3 months same problem with this new phone,, its not a worth one . Please dont buy anyone,dont waste ur money and energy.

Hmmm... Perhaps any qualified cellphone technician will do. Just let them check your phone as long as they don't open it up so you won't void your warranty. Also, you should contact Dell for technical support.

I hope you'll have your phone fixed soon. Good luck!

Not really sure if the problem is with your network but it's worth a try. You should also have your phone checked with an authorized Dell technician. I'm sure they can figure out what's wrong with your phone.

Contact your wireless service provider to get assistance with your network problems.

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