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How to report issue regarding Mobilicity store in Yonge & Dundas?

I went to Mobilicity store in Yonge& Dundas and there was 1 indian girl who took my phone to check is my phone active or not. And then I changed my mind to purchase plan, and she returned my phone. (But she didn’t tell me that she already transferred my WIND Sim to Moblicity!). When i came back would like to pop up my Wind number, I see she(Mobilicity sell agent) transferred my Wind number to Mobilicity. How come?! Without my permission!?Now i don’t know what to do? Why i have to pay 2nd time for extra number?! How can i Mobilicity plan or again go back to Wind but not to buy again the Sim number ?!
I will give her to Police!

The store rep shouldn't have done that without your permission. Contact Mobilicity to report the incident.

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