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Chris Gaskell

How to turn off predictive text on the Nokia 105?

The keypad puts in wrong letters with white line under and to the side of the letters e.g. o instead of n etc when trying to text. How can I overcome this? Is this predictive text and how do I turn it off?
Thank you

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Accepted Answer

when writing a text message in the message box, double tap the hash key to turn off the predictive text. I was so relieved to turn it off, probably the most annoying thing I've come across for a while

How do I stop predicted text on my Nokia 105 phone

In my newly acquired dual-sim Nokia 105, turning the T9 (predictive text) on and off is done by looking for dictionary and either selecting your language, or 'Dictionary off'. On the 105, this is found by from the message composition screen, selecting 'Opt.' (options) then scrolling down to 'Dictionary'. This is exactly the same as in the tried, trusted and bullet-proof 6310i.

It's just a shame that my handset doesn't have English as an option!

G1 is correct. I used to own Nokia phones, and that's how you disable it.

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