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Pixel 7 or iPhone 13/14?

I'm currently using a iPhone 12 and just want a change of ecosystem. Because of a big sale on here with my carrier until Dec 31 I could play it safe and go with the iPhone 13/14 but like I said .. kinda tired of them. Looking at the Pixle 7. However I've heard of the following issues with the Pixle 7 and just wondering if they are valid concerns? 1. Display issues like green and red rainbow effect on white screens .. white halo around black text? 2. Bugginess? (freezing, hang ups etc) 3. Face ID/Finger sensor issues? 4. Modem issues? (Dropped calls etc) I also have really enjoyed Carplay with my iPhones so would love to have that same level of satisfactory navigational experience in the Android ecosystem. So, any issues with THIS phone and Android Auto? The other thing I'm hoping to find in an Android phone if I can is a cool feature that all my iPhones have had and that’s "repeat alerts" for my texts/messages. Iphone users know what I'm talking about ... you can set your phone to AUDIBLY alert you to a text message for up to ten times ... at 2 minute intervals. So after a message comes in ... it'll alert you immediately (like any other phone) but then every two minutes it sounds another audible alert ... and it'll do this for up to ten times. (depending on how you set it) So basically you can have an audible alert periodically happening for twenty minutes after the message first came in. I love that feature because my phone is not always on my person ... so this makes sure I don't miss a message if I'm within hearing distance but not with my phone. I've been reading a tremendous amount of hype about the Pixle 7 but there are these questions and to be honest an iPhone just works, you know? Never experienced any dropped calls, the face ID is superlative, the phone is never buggy, he battery life is decent, he camera is sweet ... everything just works, so even though I'm bored with them and would love to change ... I need to have something at least equally as good ... but MORE importantly ... something that WORKS properly. Thanks in advance for any responses to my questions/concerns ... it'll help me tremendously to make this decision!

Hi wollins. Sorry for the late reply. So what did you get? I hope you got an iPhone as it seems to works really well based on your needs.

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