My ZTE N762 will not turn on past the Android logo. What can I do?

I have thesame problem, you guys are trying to help speaking of things we cannot do on this phone. I will clarify tho, there is a way to start in FTM, its by holding down the VOLUME- and POWER button. Still, i have no clue what to do once on FTM screen since no buttons are triggering reaction...

Press and hold vol+,menu and power for few seconds then the recovery menu will appear. use vol up/down to scroll and back button to confirm

There is NO SEND OR END BUTTONS ON THE ZTE N762. The only buttons is vol ^ v, power, home, go back and menu. What phn r u looking at?!?!

hi, I restarted my ZTE N762 a while back now, it wont go to the sreen lock, it just stays on the android sgin when you first turn it on, ive tried my different things to restart my phoner from the adroid sign since its the only thing that my phone shows when i turn it on....please help...only has menu,home,back,power and volume bottons

Do a hard reset on your phone to restore it back to its original settings. Try this:

1. Press Volume down, Send, and End keys until reboot option pops up.
2. Scroll to wipe data/factory reset, then press OK.
3. Press Volume up to hard reset the phone.
4. With reboot system now highlighted, press OK to reboot the phone.

The phone should reboot and you should now be able to get pass the Android logo. Good luck!

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