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Which phone should I get for an upgrade from Apple iPhone 6s?

Hi all,

Recently my iphone 6s+ has died on me leading me to have to get a new phone. I went into the apple store and they offered me the exact phone for $400 when they retail at around $800. With the new iphones literally being announced today I'm stuck on whether or not to go straight to an iphone 8 for $1200, (not going to bother with the 7 because from what I've read they basically have the same capabilities and for 200$ more why not go for the newer phone), take the offer I was offered and keep the 6s+ or to just go to an S8. 

Both flagships are really good. I believe it comes down to your needs specially the apps that you use. But if you play games and watch videos a lot, I'd recommend the Samsung Galaxy S8 for its larger display. To be fair, I'd like to say that you hold on for a while and wait for Apple iPhone 8 reviews so you understand better which phone works better for you. Here's a side-by-side comparison of Samsung Galaxy S8 and Apple iPhone 8.

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