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What should you do to make your LG 6070 work if ever you dropped it in the toilet?

Hi there:

Bought LG 6070 last week and yesterday I dropped it in the toilet and now nothing comes up. If i hook the power adapter ti says it charging and the phene seems to wok - but I gues only in analog mode. Even though the battery is completely charged the daybefore it stays it still charging. If i remove the power - nothing working - itseems to be dead. Any idead what can be dome to get my phone working ..



I suggest you relocate to your toilet to make all your future calls from there. See problem solved ... that's why I'm GOD.

I will have to agree with Xanthic Rose... I'm a service manager for one of the cellular companies, and if that thing landed right in the toilet, the mainboard is probably fried in about 20 different places. Sometimes if you open it up and blow dry it (without trying to turn it on) you can save your phone but... it's too late for your's. Sorry.

Trust me on this too: There is no point in sending it in. LG will charge you $25 to look at the phone and then send it back saying it's beyond economical repair. Cell phones in retail stores are sold at subsidized prices, so it will be anywhere from $50-200 cheaper than getting the manufacturer to replace your mainboard.

Nasty :cry: !

Well . . . I hate to say it, but, you are pretty much hooped. Sending the phone out for repair is a costly thing to do, it usually 'ball-parks' around $150.00 - $250.00 if it can be done (sometime it's just too fried!). A cheaper alternative is to go to a retailer, such as Staples or Futureshop and purchase a new one, they cost $199.99. As a bonus, if you go this route, you will now have an extra wall charger and users manual, plus a new 1 year warranty :wink: :wink:

first off nice phone, but back to your problem well you see when your phone is put into water you should turn it off right away but in your case your phone is probally fixable but i dont know how. telus does not cover the warrinty if it occured with water. but to fix it you should call telus and see if they will send you a new one (but i dont think they will)

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