What to do when your ZTE ZMAX freeze up?

my new phone is frozen. I can't turn it off. It won't respond at all. Only to turning the screen on and off. What can I do?

I updated my phone this morning, and it froze completely. Store only gave me option of sending back. Do any of the suggestions work?

My mom zte zmax is all the way frozen. We tried holding the power button down to restart it with out reseting the whole phone but its still froze. We tried calling it from another phone but its froze while vibrating.

Gaijin Avalon
Gaijin Avalon

also when it freezes, go to another phone and call yourself. This has helped me twice. hope it helps you all too.

OMG this worked perfect!!! hooked up to PC then pressed power button and up volume por 10 seconds and boom!!! reboot!!


My phone was unresponsive so I connected it to the pc and pc did not recognize it. So step 2 while still plugged to pc I held the Volume up and power button down at same time after 10 to 15 seconds later it came on and gave me the option to reboot. It works! Hope this helps .. Good Luck. :)

Yes, holding the power button resolves this issue if there is no hardware problem such as " fryed chips or water damage ". For some odd qurik mine tends to fail to boot giving me a "ftm" displayed on the screen. Again, holding the power button fixs this and the phone boots up.

James Velasquez

Avoid button mashing and closing videos while they are still playing. To restart your frozen phone hold the power button until the phone goes off. Be patient it takes about 10 seconds.

After I get my phone unfrozen how do I get my phone to come back on do I wait for it to charge then get it to come back on

Yeah a connection to pc should unstick it or u can do the hard reset..the vol and power button...but instead of selecting wipe or reset..Just select restart

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