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Margaret PACHAL

our area code is K0G1L0, i am looking for a plan to cover canada and the US, we normally stay in Phoenix for 6 mos, can we talk about a plan

    Margaret Pachal
    Margaret Pachal


    Thx for the info

    Yes I do social media , mainly facebook.

    And yes the occasion facetime with family

    By the way, don't forget to ask how long the stay in U.S. you're allowed to use the plans, some carriers have limits but can't find specifics. Most just indicate The majority of your usage must be in Canada. I'll let you know once I find the info.

    Hi Margaret. Oops, sorry forgot to include contact details!

    The carrier names are directed to their page here in, suggest you check them out before finalizing your choice. There are reviews that can help you get an idea of the experience with the carrier and their service.

    Also, do you use social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) a lot? Maybe video calls with family and friends? I'm thinking at least 10 GB of data a month with option for add-ons in case you ran out fast. Do you have a budget in mind? Let me know so I can find specific plans for you.

    Margaret PACHAL
    Margaret PACHAL

    Hi, I do emails , listen to music , text , I don't stream, so not sure how much I would need.

    We are rural, I would need to know you the provider would be.

    Do they have phone contact numbers?

    Hi Margaret! Do you have a rough estimate of how much calls and data you use? You might want to consider plans from carriers like Zoomer Wireless, Simply Connect, Primus, and Cityfone. They have plans that starts from $40 for Canada and US usage.

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