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Does the Samsung Galaxy A5 support USB OTG?

My Galaxy A5 does not read pendrive through OTG cable. Any solution?


hay gays galaxy samsung a5 is not worki usb otg  


How to connect otg for A5 2015 solution

How to connect a otg cable for my A5 2015?

damn my A5 does not support otg, it looks old fashion tech

First thing: you need to download Kingoroot and force the installation of Kingoroot.

Second: you need to download the catalogue f-droid and the updates for the mirrors.

When the updates will be finished; in the catalogue you need to search and download adb, busybox, terms,  920 Text Editor, VimTouch

Third thing: you must to load terms and near the local host you must to type su and then push the key enter

left opened terms

now, load Kingoroot and you will see the tree unlocked

now turn back on terms,  move the finger to the top to your right, you will see written More push on it and open a new window of dialogue

now write

cd /system/etc/permessions and type the key enter

now type: ls and push the key enter

you will see that in the subdirectory /permissions is not available


that is necessary to have the usb port as host and not client mode only.

anyway you can modify android.hardware.usb.host.xml

start to read h t tp s : / /github . c o m /452/USBHIDTerminal/wiki/How-to-enable-USB-host-API-support

and you will find written how to enable the USB port in host.

This is 3rd class A5   Shame on Samsung

Shame on Samsung.  Filthy Samsung


Samsung A5 2017 mobile supports USB. The thing u need to do is get type C OTG Cable from market because the adapter received along with phone is good for charging only..

I got samsung a5 before 3 days and I am successfully using OTG Cable to connect my pen drive..cheers

Hey guys. A5 is one of the best smartphones I have ever used. But sorry to say; the Galaxy A5 loses its OTG support after being upgraded to Android Lollipop or marshmallow. It's upgraded OS doesn't support OTG.

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