Why does Opera frequently crash on my Coolpad Arise?

Opera crashes frequently. Running on Android 4.4.2. Is this a problem with the phone, Opera or with Android?

[Coolpad Arise 5560S]



Hmm.. That's something I've read of just now. Although I don't think that's the issue there. Might be some app conflicting with your 3rd party browsers.

hey Carl:

   Thanx for the response. OK, what I've done is to try other browsers and the result is, some do 'crash" often, others not so much, and Google Chrome(the original browser) seems to run just fine. So, my conclusion is: these phones are "locked into" Chrome and other browsers will be erratic if installed. Now, does that sound practical, or is there something I'm missing?

Stay Sharp:


Hi Rick. Go to Settings > Apps > All > Opera > clear cache, then clear data. If still won't work, do it again the reinstall the app.

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