How do you have different notification sounds on the ZTE Majesty?

I'd like to have one notification sound for when I receive a text message, another notification for a new email, etc. But so far I can only find a setting for one notification sound for all notifications. Is there a way to chose a different sound for different things? Thank you!

Hi Dawter, I personally have the exact same setup that you have described on my own phone regarding notification sounds, and here's how you can have it too.

First, choose your preferred SMS/text message notification sound under Settings > Audio profiles. Just make the changes under whatever audio profile you like using (i.e. General, Meeting, etc.).

Then if you are using Gmail for your e-mail, go open it, press the menu button and choose Settings, select the e-mail account you're using, and then select "Inbox, sound & vibrate". You'll be able to choose your preferred notification sound for e-mails right there.

Make sure that the box right next to Notifications has a check on it before exiting the app. From there on in, you should be able to hear your preferred sounds for both SMS and e-mail.

Let us know if that answered your question!

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