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gregory harkins

How to get online billing for Chatr?

There is no real online billing with a prepaid service. Because it is prepaid the billing info you seek is on the receipts of the vouchers you bought or the credit card statement you receive in the mail. There is however a history of payments you can look up on your online account. Simply look it up and take a print screen.


how do pay chatr bill auto pay and setup account

I believe you want to check your balance?

You’ve got a lot of different options for checking your Chatr account:
- Dial *225# then press send/call button from your Chatr mobile phone for an on-screen notification.
- Go to myChatr (link)
- Call *611 from your Chatr phone.
- Call 1-800-485-9745 from any phone in Canada.

P.S All of these calls are free!


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