How do I stop the notification alert that I get every 2 minutes on my Samsung phone?

Tried Telus ... reloaded my Yahoo email to a different icon... didn't work. Samsung tried a reboot reset. didn't work. been on hold with Samsung for an hour waiting for Remote management... anybody have a solution ??? Samsung says its the latest update from Google Play store causing the problem????

Problem was with the Google auto download update. Telus tried to fix it with deleting my yahoo mail from one icon and re-intstalling it on and other icon followed by a reboot ... nope un-successful. Forwarded me to Samsung Management and after 2.5 hours total time ...including removing my phone files -downloading to my computer - re-imaging my cell phone to basic factory settings - then re-installing my personnel files back from my computer. The 2-3 minute notification gong was gone Very frustrating. Oh and then I got to reinstall my accounts on various apps. and redo my phone function settings for my personal usage, including my blue tooth links for my car connections. G phones are not an improvement in my opinion. Dave

Which Samsung phone are you using? When this happen, are you on a moving vehicle? I'm thinking that your Wi-Fi is on and you're moving, phone notifies you of all Wi-Fi networks it detects.

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