Why won't LED notification light blink on the HTC Desire 526G+?

Notification LED is not blinking at all

i have htc d 628 in this phone its flash option doesn't working can you tell me plz  how i will work 

maela townsend

I really need an indicator light, I am missing calls because I don't know that I have missed calls or messages. Please do an upgrade on this phone to easily turn on an indicator light. I don't want to regret buying this phone, but I'm starting to. Please help!


Can you make at the next update notification light color! I really miss it!
I won't / WE won'T LED notification light on this phone, please!!!!

Why can I don't change the Clock to Sense Flip Clock or Digital clock & weather or weather clock on the display? And when the phone can do this, please tell me how!

thanks a lot.

My phone Desire 526 G Plus notification light not (color) blink? But setting also mention there you select the color red, blue, yellow etc. If there is no option for colors. So why company indicate there option?

Sorry but there's no LED notification light on this phone.

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