Why can't the Samsung Galaxy Q not play videos on certain websites?

I sent Samsung an email and this is there response:

"If you are referring to the video which requires flash player, you would not be able to play it on your device.

Note: You would be able to play all the other downloaded videos like Youtube. If you are facing any issues write back to us we would be glad to assist you.

Adobe Flash Player for Android has been discontinued by Adobe. There's no possibility of viewing Flash videos on any Android device. Even competitors' Android devices will not be able to view Flash videos because Adobe Flash for Android has been discontinued.

There are no 3rd party plugins to replace Adobe Flash, not Google Play and not even another web browser will work! Flash is obsolete.

Websites that keep current will have switched to HTML5 which is replacing Adobe Flash as the standard for playing videos on websites. HTML5 videos can be viewed on Android devices.

Some websites may not have switched to HMTL5 which is why you are not able to view videos. Flash Player for Android has been discontinued by Adobe. "

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