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Why does the videos on the Nokia Lumia 520 keep freezing?

I have had my Nokia Lumina for a few months now and it keeps freezing during videos and I cant watch them all the way through. Its not the internet connection, that's a fact. Occasionally I can watch one video before it begins freezing during them. SOMEONE HELP!

Its your memory. it happens on mine too, when the memory is almost full videos will freeze so try and delete apps, pictured or music etc which you dont really need

So you stream the video from a different video player? Which video play is it? The issue might be from there.

Just the YouTube app. And the time and date are correct. Occasionally it happens when I watch just random videos off websites that aren't YouTube (Such as

Which app are you using to watch? Also, please check if your phone's time and date is correct. I found out that wrong time and date give apps errors.

Let me know how it goes.

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