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Will the Nokia 6600 ever reach Canada?

:?: I Was Wondering If Anyone Knows If The Nokia 6600 Will Arrive In Canada, Better Yet @ Rogers Wireless (Rogers AT&T)??

Anyone HAs Info That Is True!

Where Can I Find Info About This Model Coming To Canada

Anyone Know Something I Don't Know, All I Know Is That If GSM (Which It Is) There Is A Possiblity?


Nokia 6600: (USA WEBSITE!!!)

This Info Will Be Very Helpful, I Really Want This Phone!!!! (Badly!!!)

Thanx In Advance!!!!

Kaj............. :?

I'd suggest a Nokia 6620 instead because it has GSM850 capability.

I have a used nokia 6600 which was imported from south asia, write back to if you're interested.. im asking 400

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