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Does anyone know when the Nokia 6101 Flip will come out?

this phone is due to be released in the states 3rd quarter-does anyone know when it will be here-pretty sweet phone

The phone's build is sturdy and creak-free, which I appreciate, and it's large enough to be comfortable for someone with big mitts. The buttons, again, no problems--clicky and responsive is how I'd describe them, with a light undercurrent of coffee, cherry, and asparagus.

Battery life has thus far been impressive, but use has been light, too.


+ Impressive collection of ringtones
+ Well-built
+ Works as a phone
+ Won't give you bird flu
+ Impressive earpiece clarity, not to be confused with quality of reception


- Screen a bit dim
- 2.5mm jack uses 3-band headset

All in all the 6010 comes off as competent, if not terribly ambitious. You could do worse, but don't expect miracles.

Nokia 6102

The Nokia 6102 phone is a special operator customized model. Packed with the same features as the Nokia 6101 phone, the Nokia 6102 phone also comes equipped with several key extras like exclusive design, co-branding on phone covers, and software customization options. For availability, please contact you local Nokia representative.

Nokia 6102 Review (

What's New
Enjoy the moment with the Nokia 6102 phone.

Don't delay, time to play
Record a voice message - the new intuitive Nokia Xpress audio messaging system makes it easy - and send it straight to all your friends. Instant contact.

Two views, twice the possibilities
The external display also acts as a viewfinder so you can take self-portraits - alone or with your friends - while the internal display lets you take "normal" shots. Instant memories.

Talk to one, talk to many
Push to talk lets you talk one-on-one or to a group with the touch of a button. Press the button once and everyone can hear you talk - release the button and hear others talking back to you.

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