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What can you tell about the Nokia 3300?

Hi all. :D
I just lost my old Telus cellphone last weekend, and I need some buyers advice here.

I don't plan on spending more than 30 dollars a month on the cellphone, so a prepaid service is all I need. I look into the GSM Unlocked phones I could buy, and I'm willing to spend up to 150 dollars on that.

I come across the Nokia 3300 model which is apparently discontinued, but with no substitute. The hightech new models play mp3s and give internet/email access but first, they are too expensive... and second, they don't have a handy keyboard for email and text messaging like the 3300 does.
You would say go BlackBerry but they don't have mp3 support.

Can anyone give me advice on this?
Should I buy it from tigerdirect and pick it up from the store? or pay a bit less and get it from ebay?

Has anyone had specific bad experience with this phone?

and last question, is there any other phone you would want to suggest?

thanks in advance,

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