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How much does the Nokia 3220 really cost?

I have been searching for a Nokia 3220 and have found prices that range from $29.99 to $349.99 CAD. Does anyone know what the diffrences between the two prices are or if the cheaper one even exists? Both prices are for brand new phones. Thanks.
First things first-if you want this phone, its currently £99.99 at The Link, have seen it listed at £149.99 at Carphone Warehouse, amongst other places... (and no, I don't work for The Link, as if!) Yes, its a great phone. I switched back to it and Nokia after having a horrendous experience at the hands of 3M's excuse for a service and phones-if you're thinking about it, then DON'T!!!!! Onto the Nokia 3220-pros, well, its compact, easy on the hand, eye, and pocket; benefits from Nokias ridiculously easy menu system; the ringtones are numerous and mostly original; the flashing lights at the side are not half as annoying as I -or the shop assistant!-thought they would be; reception is clear; volume more than adequate; camera and video OK, not the best, but hey, this is a PHONE, if you want to make movies, go and talk to someone at Sony, don't whinge if gimmicks are not star quality!! Cons? Well, the keyboard is a bit small in places and the menu bars options are fiddy, especially "select" button, which has three possibilities-so, if you enter "select" you end up doing "up" or "down" or something instead-accurate fingers needed! A lot of space is taken up by needless stuff as well, the little graphic "animal" pops up everywhere and is a waste of space, so just delete it as soon as you can, though it'll take a while to track him down and elimiate him completely! Also, not sure if I like the wallpaper and screensaver options that much, but, again, its only a phone, socan live with that-I remember the breeze block phones of 10-15 years ago, so, when someone whingers about pixel quality on a mobile phone, well, they should get out more! Finally, disregard the nonsense about this being a phone for the "young"-it isn't, its a phone for anyone and everyone who just wants to have a Nokia that doesn't take itself seriously and is easy to use and more than functional. I'm 31, young at heart, and refuse to let teenagers have all the fun, that includes music, fashion, and, in this instance-phones! Buy it-its ridiculously cheap, and does the job.

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