Which is better between the Nokia 3155i and Nokia 2855i?

I'm looking to purchuse a phone and these two fall into my price range. I'm just wondering which one you think is better. I'd like a phone with pretty good sound and a speaker phone.
Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

For me,I personally suggest you 2 get the 3155.
Before you buy this phone read what it does and doesn't do carefully. It is a basic phone with text capability and even vision if you are inclined to suffer through the web on a tiny screen.

I came from a different Nokia and here is what I can suggest.

- GREAT Sound Quality (Got to hold it up to your ear though :))
- Great ring tone quality. Not sure how a speaker phone is good and the same speaker wouldn't produce great rings.
- Speakerphone is clear except on full volume
- Plays MP3s out the same speaker very clearly
- Battery Life is better than some other Nokias
- Menu is easy to navigate
- Buttons have positive feedback

- This phone uses a different charger than previous Nokia phones so you have to buy new car chargers or get the silly adapter.
- Ringer volume seems unchanged despite setting it to very loud. (This is a recent development).

Overall this is a great phone for someone wanting to talk on their phone. I had no need for the poor quality pictures so I don't miss the camera in my old phone. No frills but good phone.

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