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What is the cheapest no contract plan from Primus?

Andy. Welcome to our public forum. If you have questions specifically for Primus I would recommend you contact them directly. Here is a link to a page that lists the Primus contact information and phone number.

If you are looking to compare the plans offered by Primus and other cell phone providers in Canada, you can view our plans comparison area. This is a free, independent resource we put together to allow you to compare plans from the various providers in Canada. Here are the Primus plans.

Hopefully our comparison tool will help you in your own decision making process. If you need further help in choosing the best for you...probably it would be best if you visited a cell phone dealer in your area who can take the time to advise you specifically.

andy wagenaar

What is this for an answer ?(please visit homepage)?

andy wagenaar

if I acquire my wife's phone to my name ,what will it cost for minimal texting.calling , (canada and us) and data plan.also include all additional and hidden charges,tax,long dist. beyond plan minutes costs etc. Presently use less than 100 minutes phone national and 30 min. to US .Texting and internet usage unknown
straightforward answer please.

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