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Is Fido going to release the N-Gage QD?

Is it ngage qd that's going to be released with fido?
I'm sure it's going to be ngage qd with rogers...

can you install a mp3 player or fm radio to the n - gage qd, if you can how? and how much would it cost

actualy there is software u can get to play mp3's :wink:

teh QD does not support MP3s if that's what you are trying to play, but if you mean ringtones, then your speaker may be out. Bring it to fido and get it replaced. Make sure you go to a corporate location with your proof or purchase.

please help i dont no how to play music on my ngage qd


I'm not actually getting one... It's for my lil' cousin...

That's a hilarious site!!

Yes it will be QD for both of the carriers...



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