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Does anyone have information on which Samsung phones Telus will offer in April?

I heard that Telus is gonna have some new phone coming out in April. Does anybody know what model it is?

We'll see, I've been working in and around Telus Mobility for over 8 years and I've heard those kind of rumors every year. The only rev type phone has been the LG6190. Telus also has released their "√Źnstant Talk" format to little or no fanfare. Telus already has:

1: Bluetooth PCS Capable Phones
2: Fastap Tech w/LG6190
3: Instant Talk (PTT for PCS)
4: Voice Command w/LG6190
5: Video Capable PCS Phones (Nokia/Motorola)
6: 1.3 pixel Camera Phones.


unfortunatly no that model was told by the company to keep it private its suppose to be the new phone of the century and revolutionies wireless communication

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