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When is LG 1300i and 1400 coming out on Fido?

just got an e-mail from fido afew days ago about some new phones the LG 1300i which i must say looks very slick and nice considering nearly all of fidos phones are pretty big and all.... i have been looking for a nic small cell for ages but fido doesn't do that untill now.... and the LG 1400 which is pretty much the same one but with a cam..... any idea when these phones will be out ? or anyone know where i can get a fairly cheap world phone plzz

"mj said:
does anyone know if the LG1300i have vibrate alert"

(I suppose You want get vibrate alert on SMS message only and keep song when the phone is ringing).

I thing you can have vibrate SMS alert ONLY if you put OFF (mute) the SONG option and choose "vibrate then song" on SOUND menu. In this case LH1300i will vibrate on any incoming event - sms or voice (no more sound ring because it's on mute).
I'm also disappointed and very :evil: :evil:
... Another thing about LG1300i, I didn't find jet how to lock a numeric keypad to protect my messages and everything I have on it - anybody can read everiyhing after phone is ON. My old NOKIA have it. Maybe is not possible! If somebody know how, please reply.

Ring Alert Type

You can select an option from ring/ring & vibrate/vibrate and the ring !!!


Most phones come with vibrate alert, it has become a standard feature on phones now. Though Motorola still has some ups and downs. But that is another discussion.

does anyone know if the LG1300i have vibrate alert

They should be out by the end of the month (May).. the 1300 looks a lot like an Audiovox 8600.. but it has a mirror on the front. Yes, a mirror. No camera, but a mirror. Absolutely, mindblowingly stupid, if you ask me. It'll get all scratched up quickly.

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