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Where can you make a complaint with Wind Mobile?

If you need to make a complaint, trust me, you will get nowhere with WIND mobile. Please go here and report it to the CCTS and they will handle legit complaints.

ekaterini caltsoudas
ekaterini caltsoudas

I have purchased a cell phone from wind in december and from the first day the phone was not working properly i tried to return it as soon as possible but because of holiday season i was late for one day and they said that it's to late you have to go to a warranty centre and ect so i went to a warranty centre and they gave me a new battery nothing the same thing again the phone was not working so i went again to the warranty centre complaining about there service and that the phone is not working so they sent it to be fixed and it's been a month from then and every time i call them they say oh i don't know it will take longer and on top i had to pay 50 dollars for them to sent it to be fixed but they say oh you will get your money back when they sent the phone but of course nothing so now i spent 50 dollars to buy the phone and 50 dollars to sent it to fix it and still nothing!!!! Please hlep me i don't know what to do

Nice sharing this information. Everyone who's not given the service they deserve should make a complaint so carriers would straighten their ways.

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