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What phone does Bell offer that is good with their Analogue Service?

It's a fact of life where I work that the 2 or 3 closest towers are analogue (according to maps at Steve's site, north of Newmarket, east of Cook's Bay)
It's also a fact of life because of an association I have, Bell is going to be my provider.

What have they got right now or offered recently that has good reception with analogue? Right now I have a Qualcom QCP2760 and sometimes moving my head 2 inches the connection drops. Even when it is working the sound is bad, drop outs, one sided conversations, noise, etc.
Battery life blows of course.

I have a sanyo 7300 and it has a very strong anolog signal. THe 7200, and 4920 also in bells line up are very good for signal.

Hello. I too am trying to confirm reliable cell phone coverage for the area east of Bancroft. I'm intending on taking a number of active 60 year olds canoeing on the York River east of Bancroft all the way up to Combermere, which is about a 2 day trip - one overnight. I would want a cell phone in case of an emergency. I have an analogue car phone which works to about 10km east of Bancroft on Hwy. 28. This would work for the area where the York River croses Hwy. 28 at Eagan Chute, but would it work further North up river? Also , I would need a 12 volt power source in the canoe, and right now, all I've got is the paddles. For you info, my car phone is an analogue model type C250 Mark II. Let me know of any other info you may have. Thanks

I am looking for a cell phone that will work in the Bancroft (Ontario) area, where only anolog is available. The manufacturers specs say nothing about sensitivity or signal strength. Does anyone know of a cell phone that is good in the deep woods?

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