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Why won't my ZTE phone connect to internet?

my data is turned on

Victoria Plasencio
Victoria Plasencio

I have a zte phone and I use a net10 family monthly unlimited plan I purchase the 30day plan at our local Walmart I cannot when I try to log straight into Gmail without using an app I get a message saying im not connected to a server I've been having this problem for awhile now N I WANT N EXPECT IT TO B RESOLVED TODAY IF NOT IL JUST TRY ANOTHER CARRIER WHEN MY PLAN ENDS N NOT USE NET10 SINCE I HAVE PROBLEMS WITH THEM ON A REGULAR BASIS!? PLEASE HELP ME FIX THE PROBLEM PLEASE!!

I'm trying to connect to the free Wi-Fi at my local hospital. But there is a red lock on the screen and it doesn't connect

Hi there! Which ZTE phone are you with? Please also let us know which carrier you are with so we can help find the correct APN settings for your phone.

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