Why does my ZTE Quartz keep turning off and on?

help my zte free phone keeps rebooting itself what to do?

Turn off your GPS location access. Settings>Personal>Location Access.  Reason: If your location access is ON and your data is OFF or you are out of signal range, the phone will keep rebooting in an effort to establish location.

Similar problem.  If I'm on WiFi at one location and leave my WiFi on when I leave, my phone will reset when I drive by another active WiFi zone.  I've had it reset during a voice call then when it comes back the other party was still connected, "hello, hello?". Finally last night it was on the charger and rebooted almost every hour till I finally just shut it off. It's been over a month since my last hard reset.  Oh, and it does randomly lose contacts.

I actually like this phone except for the random rebooting that it does.  I have to do a hard reset twice now and as long as I don't add any apps the phone seems to work fine.  I contacted Tracfone and they said that ZTE had to fix it so I contacted ZTE and they said that Tracfone had to fix it.  What pisses me off is that they are still selling new models of this phone!!  It should be taken off the market!!  The rebooting will just happen at random times AND you can NOT update it!!  I honestly wish someone would figure out a fix for this phone because I really do like it but NO ONE wants to take responsibility for the crappy design of it!!

ZTE quartz tracphone bought HSN .this WORST phone. Phone shuts off when talking to someone. Middle of conversation phone shuts off . Issues to get phone turned back on. Fully charged too. Can't get no internet outside house anywhere either!!! The worst miserable Trac . Fear to return my info is on it. Can some one help. I did call Trac they never helped called them numerous times. They tried but couldn't fix it. Here I sit with the worst

I am interested to find out if Wayne's 3 phones are still "fixed" after 3 months??? Can we get an update, Wayne?

Sadly if your on Total wireless/ straight Talk / Net 10 / or any company that is owned by Trac Phone they have tried to be sneaky & unlock your phone without you knowing it from their location.. We found out no Zoe Quartz can be updated nor can it be unlocked even the provider can't.. If you call them they will offer you a $30 buy back fee but you got to give up your $150 phone.. We have 3 of these phones on our plan so we knew it wasn't something on one phone doing it.. All 3 was restarting at random erasing contacts & pictures 2 finally froze tonight & we had to do a hard reset on them! It fixes them BUT you lose your contacts everything else will be saved on your google account if it is set up to take a back up! I suggest doing a back up & do a hard reset you will erase everything on the phone & reset it back to the day you got it & it will work when done!! Remove the back take out the memory card.. Turn phone completely off.. Turn power back on while holding down the power & volume up button until a dead android man is on the screen.. Use the vulome up or down to scroll the choices choose wipe data reset.. The next choice YES you do want to do it! Then when the phone restarts give it a few minutes it will be as it was when it came out of the box! Log into you google gmail account all the apps are right there you used before the reset click install them all replace the memory card put back back on you got a fixed like new phone! We done 2 like this today the 3rd one tomorrow! Hope this helped you! Good luck!

why does my ZTE Z797C phone keep turning off and on?, how do I fix it

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