How to fix ZTE Score charging problem?

charger lite comes on but phone dosn't respond

im having problems with my metro too. ok so the charger was working perfectly then it got jacked up and wont work then i used a diffrent charger and it worked for to days and now it wont work :(

i bought this phone at kmart so i dont have store i bought it at. so can i bring into a store still for a new phone or have them fix it for free? cuz my phone wont charge at all even with a different charger? so can i still bring it to a cricker store?

Try a different charger. The one you have now might be broken. Also check if the charger is plugged-in to your phone properly. If you have done both and your phone still fails to charge, bring it to the store you bought it from to have it checked or even replaced.

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