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Why won't ZTE Maven turn on or charge?

Ok I've done all of this. Held both up and down and power. The red light would blink until I let go. Then nothing. When I connected to computer and held buttons the light did come on and was steady. Do I left it alone for an hour. When I came back the light was off and now I can't get any response what do ever. I've changed cords and tried 2 other batteries. Still nothing. Any advice? 

My phone isn't charging right 

Hi my name is rosa um i went to charge my phone i came back 10 mins later n my phone is blanck i try what u guys say but it aint working i need help can somebody help me plz .....plz plz plz

thank you for the help!!!

Hi Shane, i tried doing what you said but it didn't work. Do you have any other suggestions?

you must hold both volume buttons AND the power button for up to one minute and while the phone is plugged into a good (proper voltage) charger, the red light should come on after 30 seconds or so.

My phone won't open so I just charged it. It still won't open.HELPPP!!!

i was charging my phone in my laptop and now my zte maven wont turn on help please

when you hold the power button and the volume buttons the red light will come on, if it doesnt reset the first time you may have to do it a second time and then power the phone on

Hold the power button and both volume buttons down at the same time until you see the red light, then let go. It should reset.

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