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Has anyone experienced their LG VX8300 to shut-off on its own?

Well, it's not my phone but my girlfriend's. So, it is a few years old and was used before but used lightly. We recently got it hooked back up so that she could use it and it has been having problems just tonight and yesterday night. I know the phone is a good, tough little phone, but I'm not quite sure how old it is, though it can't really be more than a few years.

The problem is that it will shut off on her. The other night, it just shut off once and then she turned it back on and it was fine. I was talking to her on it and she fell asleep with the phone. When she woke up, she called me on a different phone and told me that her VX8300 wouldn't even turn on. After awhile she got it to turn on, but it would shut down right after it would turn on. Any help? I'm going to try q-tips and rubbing alcohol or an eraser on the posts... but does anyone have any other suggestions? =] Thank you

Oh, and she said that when she opened up the battery pack, that there was nail polish of all things inside of it. She took it out, and we were expecting it to work, but it still shut off on her. It seems to be doing a little bit better, but if it doesn't, does anyone have any suggestions?

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